It is a misconception to think that only those with extraordinary wealth require an "estate plan," or would benefit from a trust. On the contrary, having certain documents in place is important for everyone. Failure to make a plan will leave major decisions to chance and the limitations of state law. 

At Thomas Estate Law, PLLC, we use a number of legal tools to help ensure your desires for you, your family, and your assets are documented and legally binding. 


Our goal is to make your experience easy, efficient, and enjoyable. We've made estate planning a friendly and approachable topic.

  • First, we spend time listening you you and learning about your goals, hopes, and fears for your family.
  • We then break down the key components of an estate plan, what it means for your family, and what could happen if you don't have an estate plan. 
  • Then we work with you to design a custom estate plan that addresses your goals, hopes, and fears, and any additional areas of concern we identify for your family. 
  • Finally, we keep in touch with you to ensure all of your documents are up-to-date as your life and family changes.

All of our plans are based on a flat fee, so there are no surprises when it comes to your bill.